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High responsiveness
Skilled and organized personnel
Solid experience in projects of different complexity and scope
Mature software development process
On-time and within budget delivery
Cost-competitive custom software programming services

E-commerce solutions development
Our company possesses wide experience in general e-commerce development:
  • Payment systems
  • E-shops
  • e-trade solutions
  • CRM and EMS systems
Moreover, our e-commerce development expertise covers consulting services and innovative unique projects development. These e-commerce solutions were created with the power of Java, PHP, C/C++ programming languages, MS.Net, PERL, MySQL technologies and others.

E-commerce software development cases

You may get the general idea of Our competence from the following list of our projects:

  • E-Shops development
  • E-commerce systems development (EMS system)
  • Payment Gateways design and development
  • Stock exchange trading platform
  • Real estate ecommerce solutions
  • Different B2B and B2C solutions
  • Hotel Reservation systems building
  • E-commerce websites design and development
  • Supply management systems and etc.

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